Global Gay & Lesbian Outcry

You don’t deny services to anybody because they are gay, lesbian or anything else. That we do not accept certain lifestyle choices and social expressions has nothing to do with people’s rights to exist or practice whatever it is they feel a keen to, so long it does not infringe on public safety, national honor and the peace of others around them. Having said that, I do believe that private individuals and associations still reserve God-given rights of choice over who to serve with their time, skills and resources. However, nature and common sense require that the said individuals and associations should do it discretely and with true faith decorum.

There are many different ways to decline or refuse rendering service to a prospective customer without necessarily sticking a sacred cow status and stigma out to their faces. You do not possess any right to make someone feel bad or low about themselves anytime anywhere, except for purposes of correction and redirection based on given lawful standards and the principle of Consensus Ad Idem. This is where people get it wrong. And that’s where they create unnecessary social questions and crisis rather than solve them. We preach communal co-existence and tolerance but cannot shove ideas down people’s throats through political action or any other form of social control.

Political and religious leaders should exercise a lot more caution and wisdom in dealing with issues of sensitive socio-cultural nature. Political pundits and we news lovers should also learn to fan such fires with more caution. Reason is because we tend to influence overall government decision and end up regretting down the road as nations and a people.

By: Steve C. Ibeawuchi



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